Bayside City Council


Bayside City Council – Drainage Asset Information System


Bayside City Council (BCC) consists of 9 wards on or adjacent to Port Phillip Bay with a total population of over 100,000. Large areas of Bayside are low-lying and subject to flooding. An Auditor General’s report indicated the council needed to develop a long-term implementation plan for flood risk management projects and needed to map flood areas. BCC had approximately 18,000 engineering plans in a variety of formats and levels of accuracy. Timely access to these detailed plans was imperative to address drainage and flooding issues.

Our task

Consulcad was engaged to develop a map index for the council’s drainage plans based on our Assurance, Technology and Asset Management services and our proven experience in local government.

What we did

Consistency, accuracy and completeness of the drainage data was an issue. To overcome the inaccuracies, Consulcad developed a QA process to improve the quantity and quality of drainage asset information.

The outcome

The result was a far more accurate representation of drainage data quantity, location and accuracy, enabling improved access and decision making. BCC now had a system that allowed them to accurately store and manage vital information that had previously been almost inaccessible. This led to:

  • Improved drainage management
  • Single source of engineering drawings
  • Improved response to flood issues
  • Reduced risk
  • Accurate asset management
  • Accurate asset depreciation