Transport Accident Commission


Safe Systems Road Infrastructure Program (SSRIP) PMO Review and Roadmap  


TAC’s Safe System Road Infrastructure Program (SSRIP) exists to make roads safer. Representing a $1.4 billion investment from the Victorian government, it is the most significant road safety expenditure in the Southern Hemisphere. The scale and pace of the Program drove a need for continuous improvement.  

Our task  

Consulcad was engaged to deliver a PMO Review and an actionable PMO Roadmap spanning people, process and technology.   

What we did  

Consulcad worked collaboratively with SSRIP stakeholders to:  

  • Understand current state spanning, service levels and gaps   
  • Define future PMO service needs including program oversight and project support needs 
  • Develop the PMO roadmap including service catalogue, high-level processes and roles   
  • Support TAC team, and their delivery partner, VicRoads, to launch the refreshed PMO Services, spanning formal communications, posters and a launch event  

    The outcome  

    Consulcad’s involvement drove a raft of improvements focused on improving the quality of PMO services, ultimately driving improved insights, oversight and cost efficiencies. Results included: 

    • a revised set of PMO services aligned to program needs 
    • defined processes for greater control over projects and investment 
    • consistent, repeatable and concise project delivery approach