Victoria State Government


Higher Education and Skills Group (HESG) Victoria


HESG needed to improve their property and asset management for the TAFE sector. Previously, it wasn’t possible for HESG or TAFE to understand the complete scope of property in which they had an interest or to make strategic decisions relating to those properties.

Our task

We developed a detailed understanding of HESG’s building and property portfolio and established strong relationships and effective communication with all stakeholders. Specifically, we:

  • Designed and managed TAMS
  • Developed data quality and management processes
  • Established complex stakeholder relationships
  • Developed a multi-year strategy for a geographically diverse portfolio

What we did

Consulcad’s involvement resulted in:

  • A detailed understanding of the property portfolio
  • Identification of ownership and risk
  • Informed decision making

TAMS is now recognised by the State Government as the custodian of property information for the TAFE institutions and dual sectors universities. Following the success of TAMS, Consulcad was commissioned by HESG to undertake several due diligence tasks and to manage the transfer of land from the State Government to the TAFE sector, which enabled them to better respond to demand and improve asset utilisation and management.