8 common mistakes of Project Management and the benefits of having a good PMO 

8 common Project Management mistakes:

Project Management is anything but easy, and these are just a few of many common Project Management mistakes you can come across:

    1. Unclear objectives.
    2. Wrong distribution of roles to manage the project.
    3. Not following a clear and established process.
    4. Failure to communicate effectively with the team and stakeholders.
    5. Not using the proper project management tool or software.
    6. Micromanaging projects.
    7. Wrong estimation of resources, time and budget.
    8. Failure to manage project scope.

If any of these sound familiar, it could be time to consider whether your Project Management Office is working with the right tools and processes.  

What should you get from your PMO:

A well-built Project Management Office should allow you to: set the standards and work to maximise project efficiency, innovate and adapt to changes, enhance project capabilities, demonstrate control over scope, time and resources 

Having a well-built PMO is fundamental for your business. Our Senior Partner – Mark Wilson, who has been leading Consulcad’s PMO practice for more than 10 years, has aptly outlined 6 main benefits of having an effective PMO:

    1. Reduced risk of project budget and schedule overruns.
    2. Improved quality, consistency and confidence in project and portfolio status report information
    3. Increased awareness of project management best practices. 
    4. Reduced reputational risk through addressing audit findings and improving the likelihood of projects being delivered on time, on budget and meeting the needs of customers. 
    5. Reduced costs associated with having multiple approaches to frameworks, reporting, systems and guides.  
    6. Improved relevance, timeliness and quality of information provided to project teams, the Leadership team and the governance groups and partner organisations.   


How to get there:

We know that reaching the full potential of a PMO is anything but easy, and that’s what we help organisations do.  

One of the most common mistakes we come across is the incorrect use of the proper Project Management tools. Without the right Project Portfolio Management tools your productivity is limited as you don’t have clear and standard processes, an overview of project, task, resources and team communication, in one work enterprise system. That’s why implementing the most suitable PPM tools for your organisation is fundamental to prevent these common project management mistakes.  

These tools allow you to increase revenue, reduce costs, engage employees, take control of resources, etc. In other words, with PPM tools you optimise results.    

At Consulcad we work with award-winning platforms to help our clients enhance their projects. So, if you don’t know where to start looking for the best PPM tools, click here and we’ll happily get in touch with you!