Ensuring you’re on track to achieve intended project outcomes.

Project Delivery & Assurance

Whether at a project, operational or organisational level, Consulcad’s Project Delivery and Assurance services give peace of mind you’re on track to achieve intended outcomes and benefits. We provide greater visibility and confidence regarding project scope, schedule and budget. We can reduce surprises and offer pragmatic solutions for at risk and in trouble projects. Consulcad’s experience conducting countless project and gateway reviews, operational assessments and governance reviews across the government, not-for-profit and private sectors, means we can provide practical and pragmatic delivery and assurance for your projects, programs and portfolios. 



Successful project delivery in complex environments is something we have been doing for 30 years.  Many organisations focus on developing the strategy and not on how you plan, implement, and measure the project activities required to deliver that strategy. 

We’ve got the skills and experience you need. Our people specialise in project-driven outcomes, combining technology and practitioner know-how. 

Project Services


Our skilled and experienced consultants combined project end to end project services including project management, business analysis, change management and procurement.  We work alongside your team, at every stage of the project life cycle, from a new idea through to development, start up and implementation, to successful hand over to business operations. 

Project Assurance


Project sponsors and the executive are ultimately responsible for the success of their projects. We work with your leaders to deliver independent advice including Project Health Checks, Project Recovery and Gateway Review preparation. 

For more regular support, our Assurance Dashboard helps project sponsors and executive teams get a monthly snapshot of project or program status.