What we do

Consulcad delivers high performing PMOs, business improvement projects and technology innovation.

How we work

We work with you to build capability and bridge the gap between strategy and delivery.

Our Experience
Our multi-disciplinary experience working across construction, IT and operations sets us apart.
Our experience in construction
We’ve worked with project owners, designers and builders to optimise project management processes and overcome common challenges.
Our experience in technology
We understand strong links between the business and IT are vital to the success of technology projects. Leverage our highly-developed communications skills and project experience to deliver your next technology innovation.
Our experience in innovation
Innovation is essential for organisations to grow in today's world. We can help you build value by consistently nurturing, scaling and launching ideas that matter.
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Our Services

We specialise in 5 core services and will customise a team of people with the right skill set, experience and approach to work with your organisation. Unlike traditional consultants, we work alongside your team leading to skills transfer and trusted long-term partnerships.



We build, operate and embed PMOs whilst striking the balance between management and practitioner requirements. Our services are designed to be scalable to meet requirements ranging from capability uplift to a fully functioning enterprise PMO. Our team of experienced PMO consultants provide flexible ‘PMO as a Service’ options, PMO health checks, project management frameworks and access to award winning Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tools.

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Innovation & Change

Consulcad works with clients to improve how they solve problems and take advantage of opportunities, driving increased speed, commercial value and strategic alignment. Whether your goal is a deliver a step change or a complete transformation, Consulcad can help. We understand that effective innovation doesn’t happen by accident – it requires a clear focus, a deep understanding of customers and collaboration. We’ll work with you to bring together the right culture, processes and technology to complement what’s working well within your organisation. Leveraging our project management expertise, we’ll work with you on an incremental, results-driven approach to move from where you are to where you want to be.

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Assurance & Advisory

We have a team of trusted advisors who can help you solve the most challenging business problems. Our assurance services provide peace of mind you’re on track to achieve intended outcomes and benefits, give greater visibility and confidence regarding project scope, schedule and budget, reduce surprises and offer pragmatic solutions for at risk and in trouble projects.

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Technology Solutions

Consulcad has developed relationships with several software industry leaders, giving our clients access to a portfolio of tools not limited to a single supplier. Our extensive experience delivering project services ensures we’ll not only recommend the right solution for your needs, we’ll also understand how to make it work within your business. Consulcad provides solutions for Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Core Business and Infrastructure and Commercial.

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Asset Management

Assets are often the most capital intensive area of any business. Consulcad has experience optimising all aspects of the asset management lifecycle – whether it be planning, acquiring, operating or disposing of assets. Our unique perspective focuses on aligning operational, financial and physical data and processes to meet diverse stakeholder needs. Consulcad provides a diverse range of services from strategic advice and compliance to process and system improvement.

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Featured Case Studies

We’ve delivered results to a range of clients and industry sectors using our multi-disciplinary skill set and best practice tools.

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Main Roads

Consulcad designs and implements a PMO for Main Roads WA.

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BHP Billiton

Project control for the planning phase of the mine expansion.

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Consulcad helps improve property and asset management for the TAFE sector.

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Consulcad works with Lotterywest to develop PMO Services and an implementation roadmap.