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Who we work with

Consulcad has industry experience across public, private, government and international clients.


Consulcad has supported government organisations at all levels throughout Australia and New Zealand in delivering their initiatives. We understand budget constraints and the importance of fiscal responsibility. Trusted by some of the largest government departments in our region, we efficiently and cost-effectively manage major, complex IT and business transformation programs without compromising quality.


Each construction project is typically unique in design, location, and requirements. This uniqueness often requires adapting or customising standard solutions. Consulcad has provided a diverse range of services for builders, developers, and state government infrastructure departments.


We offer a range of project services and tools tailored specifically for the resources sector. Consulcad understands that these projects often face unique challenges such as complex environmental and regulatory compliance requirements, longer project lifecycles, and technical complexity.

Banking and Finance

The Banking and Finance sector must balance regulatory compliance requirements with technology and service innovation to enhance customer experiences and remain competitive. Our solutions help clients in this sector innovate, develop, and implement fintech solutions for their customers.


SMEs account for approximately 98% of all businesses in Australia, employing around 45% of the Australian workforce. Consulcad works with SMEs to implement Innovation and Portfolio Management tools necessary to adapt to market changes and thrive under various conditions.

About us

Consulcad is a specialist project management and advisory practice. With over 30 years’ experience managing portfolios and projects, we provide practical advice and innovative solutions. Our skilled team supports clients from business case development through to project planning, delivery, solution implementation, and handover to Business-As-Usual (BAU). We utilise highly skilled resources and software tools to achieve strategic goals and effectively overcome project-related challenges.

Our Story

Founded in Melbourne in 1985, Consulcad initially specialised in CAD software consultancy for construction, architecture, and engineering. As we expanded, we integrated project controls for large infrastructure projects and broadened our scope into IT and business transformation. This diverse expertise enables our consultants to effectively engage across all organisational levels, distinguishing us in the project management consulting industry.

Consulcad team

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We have deep experience across management consulting, project management, technology, innovation, engineering management, business improvement and organisational change management and we’ve worked extensively for government, professional services and commercial sector clients.

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