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Project & Program Delivery

We help organisations effectively manage and execute projects and programs, ensuring they align with strategic objectives, are delivered on time, within budget, and to the desired quality standards. By leveraging the expertise and experience of seasoned project management professionals, you can significantly enhance your organisation’s ability to manage complex projects, achieve strategic objectives, and deliver high-quality results.

Project & Program Delivery

You're in safe hands. We have a track record and experience in delivering major complex IT projects, business transformation initiatives, and large-scale programs across various industries. Our expertise encompasses end-to-end project management, strategic alignment, risk mitigation, and change management. With our proven methodologies, robust tools, and dedicated team of professionals, trust Consulcad to help you navigate the complexities of your most ambitious projects and achieve your strategic goals with confidence and precision.

Portfolio Management

Are your projects and programs in sync with the overarching strategic goals and objectives of your organisation? Our portfolio management services help you prioritise project investment, allocate resources efficiently, and achieve desired business outcomes.

Change Management

We work with you to develop a detailed roadmap outlining the steps, timelines, and resources required to achieve the desired change. Identifying all stakeholders affected by the change, creating a communication strategy, conducting impact assessments, and developing a training plan all form part of a holistic approach to change implementation.

Project management office

Our experience in delivering sustainable PMOs to large government departments and the private sector means we understand how to design, build, and operate PMOs whilst striking the balance between management and practitioner requirements. Our team can assist and advise on PMOs for projects, programs, or at the enterprise level. With our varied sector experience, we provide a wide range of options that can be tailored to your requirements.

Consulcad’s PMO as a Service (PMOaaS) model offers scalable PMO services on demand. Our specialists will provide you with access to multidisciplinary Project Management Office skills, best-of-breed PM Toolkits, and award-winning Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tools.

PMO Services

We offer a broad range of PMO services, including PMO Health Checks to get you back on track, PMO Roadmaps designed to optimise your existing operations, or PMO implementation where we will design and build your new PMO to take your delivery capability to the next level. If you require resources to operate your PMO, we provide our clients with access to experienced PMO and project resources, allowing you to focus on core business activities.

Project Management Frameworks

Need a standardised Project Management Framework? We design scalable PM Frameworks for your construction, service delivery, and ICT projects, or you can select our pre-built best-of-breed PM Toolkits and cloud-based PPM to rapidly mobilise.

PPM Solutions

Access all your strategy, innovation, project, and portfolio management needs in a single, intuitive application with edison365 PPM. Consulcad provides tailored PPM configurations specifically designed for the construction, ICT, and operations sectors. Built on Microsoft, edison365 ensures seamless integration with familiar tools, enabling your team to manage their entire project lifecycle in one user-friendly tool. Explore our edison365 Portfolio Management solutions to discover more about how we can support your organisation's needs.

Assurance & Advisory

Whether at a project, program, or portfolio level, Consulcad’s Assurance and Advisory service provides you with greater visibility and confidence regarding scope, schedule, budget, and risks. We can reduce surprises and offer pragmatic solutions for at-risk and troubled projects and programs. Consulcad has extensive experience conducting countless project and gateway reviews, readiness for service assessments, and supporting your transition from project to operations.

Project & Program Health Checks

Give your stakeholders confidence with an independent Project Health Check to help evaluate the overall health of a project. Our checks provide an objective analysis of the project's progress, performance against scope and budget, and delivery risks, helping to identify potential issues early, enabling you to take corrective actions and ensure the successful delivery of your project.

Project Rescue

Not all projects go to plan; some need more than a Health Check. Our experienced project management consultants will bring the required expertise and objectivity to rescue your troubled project and get it back on track. Following an initial assessment, we will develop a realistic delivery and implementation plan.

Gateway Review Preparation

Preparing for a Gateway Review involves meticulous planning, gathering comprehensive documentation, and ensuring that all aspects of the project are ready for thorough scrutiny by a team of three to four experienced independent reviewers.

Innovation solutions

Making innovation mainstream in your organisation happens by design, not by accident. Consulcad’s practical, iterative approach helps you design, build, and grow an innovation-centric culture within your organisation. We understand that each organisation is unique, so we tailor our approach to fit your specific needs. Leveraging our extensive track record in delivery, we ensure your innovation program delivers tangible outcomes, moving beyond the realm of abstract ideation.

Ideation Management

Nurture your end-to-end innovation process in a single environment with edison365 innovation management technology. Set challenges, crowd-source ideas, evaluate, and implement the winners. Help teams stay accountable and transparent with powerful workflows, reporting, and more.

Innovation Frameworks

Think differently, focus on the ideas that matter, and deliver faster by creating a shared understanding of how your organisation innovates. Our approach is tailored to the unique capabilities and challenges of your organisation, mixing traditional and cutting-edge methods.

Organisational Change Services

Ideas are easy. Innovation is hard. We help make it stick with our fresh approach to organisational change. We act as a catalyst, helping you to build the right mindsets, networks, skills, knowledge, and rewards appropriate to the pace of change.

edison365 Portfolio Management

Strategy, Innovation, Project & Portfolio Management in one, user-friendly app.

Innovation Management

Nurture your end-to-end innovation process in a single environment, from capturing and evaluating new ideas to successful implementation. edison365 helps teams stay accountable and transparent with powerful workflows, reporting, and more.

Continuous Improvement

Streamline and refine existing strategies for maximum efficiency. Success doesn’t happen overnight, but ensure it happens regularly with forward-thinking change. By identifying key processes to enhance, you can continuously evolve your business.

Business Case Management

Build a standardised process for creating and analysing all your business cases. edison365 helps steer your team’s efforts in the direction of current business goals and priorities.

Project Management

Unlock total visibility with project controls united under one roof. From task assignments to budget tracking, risk management to performance analytics, bring everything together, stay accountable and make informed decisions at every stage of the project lifecycle.

Resource Management

Nurture your end-to-end innovation process in a single environment, from capturing and evaluating new ideas to successful implementation. edison365 helps teams stay accountable and transparent with powerful workflows, reporting, and more.

Microsoft Project & Portfolio Management

As a Microsoft partner, Consulcad collaborates with our clients to identify the right Microsoft Project & Portfolio Management solution. Whether you’re just beginning to manage your project portfolio, integrating with your existing investments, or enhancing your innovation capabilities, we deliver tailored solutions. We start by understanding your needs, configuring your solution, and transitioning to your support team or ours.

The Consulcad team prioritises project portfolio practices over technology. With over a decade of experience with Microsoft’s Project Portfolio Management solutions, we focus on building capabilities for project-driven organisations, not just implementing technology solutions.

Microsoft Power Platform

Connect your projects, people, and processes by integrating your systems with the Microsoft Power Platform. It brings together PowerBI, PowerApps, and PowerAutomate using Microsoft's Common Data Service, offering the right balance of flexibility and control. Rapidly build business applications to gain deeper insights into tasks, workflows, and project portfolios. Automate mundane tasks and avoid costly integration and training expenses using familiar tools. Leveraging our extensive experience and knowledge base, we co-design, build, test, and deploy solutions within days, not weeks.

Our Apps for the Microsoft Power Platform

Address common project portfolio challenges with our pre-built Power Apps integrated into your Microsoft platform. Our most popular solutions include:

Project for the Web

Project for the Web is a user-friendly, collaborative work management tool suitable for all users. Easily plan, manage, and allocate resources for initiatives through an intuitive interface that supports board, list, grid, or timeline views. Collaboratively create schedules with teams and manage tasks using agile, waterfall, or hybrid project management approaches. Visualise key priorities with roadmaps that consolidate task details into a comprehensive overview.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based subscription service offering familiar collaboration and communication tools. Project teams commonly utilise a mix of Planner, Teams, SharePoint, OneNote, and Yammer for seamless collaboration. Consulcad enhances your Office 365 investment by providing additional features as needed. We've helped clients optimise SharePoint team sites, generate insightful project health reports, surface innovative ideas, and enhance project portfolio management capabilities over time. Check our case studies for more details.

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