City of Greater Geelong (CoGG)


CoGG covers 1,250 square kilometres and is an urban, coastal and rural environment with over 200,000 residents. It had diverse data inherited from five former municipalities and limited in-house resources.

Our task

Consulcad was asked to review CoGG’s storm water drainage management strategy and provide project management and QA services for drainage data capture.

What we did

A vital, early deliverable was the geo referencing of over 20,000 drawings related to storm water drains. This significantly improved the ability to respond to flooding and other emergencies.

Stage 2 of the project was to budget and design an effective solution for capturing detailed drainage information required by engineers and asset managers. This included data to manage the network and to assist in the valuation of council assets.

To achieve these goals, Consulcad developed a tender process for data capture and provided project management and QA of the successful contractor. CoGG was then able to gather missing information using field crews.

The outcome

The result was a complete picture of the drainage system that formed an integral part of Geelong’s asset management program. This overview could then be used to enhance planning, emergency management and maintenance. A key benefit of our approach was the ability to control time and budget, ensuring benefits were realised early and costs were understood and managed.