Who we are

Consulcad works with all industries to deliver high performing PMOs, organisational innovation and technology solutions.


Consulcad works with construction, IT and operations to deliver high performing PMOs, organisational innovation and technology solutions. We adopt a holistic approach that considers the technology, people and processes required for genuine and sustained change.

With 30 years’ experience working with on portfolios, programs and projects, we know what it takes to deliver. Our pragmatic approach, clear advice and cost-effective solutions see us working in partnership models with our valued clients.

Our skilled and experienced project managers and consultants will work alongside your team, at every stage of the project life cycle, from a new idea through to development, start up and implementation, to eventual hand over to business operations. Combined with our range of software tools, we have the capability to help you reach your strategic goals and solve a diverse range of operational problems and project challenges.


We specialise in 5 core services and will customise a team of people with the right skill set, experience and approach to work with your organisation. Unlike traditional consultants, we work alongside your team leading to skills transfer and trusted long-term partnerships.



Consulcad was established in the late eighties as a specialist CAD software consultancy providing services to construction, architecture and engineering businesses. Over time, our business developed the project controls and management rigour for large infrastructure projects, and as we expanded, we adapted these to also deliver IT and business transformation projects.

The result has been our unique blend of expertise and our experience across these three areas. Our consultants understand all aspects of an organisation and can interact with people from head office to staff in the field. This breadth of experience sets us apart in the consulting arena.


Consulcad’s team of experienced consultants will guide your organisation through the most complex challenges.

We have deep experience across management consulting, project management, technology, innovation, engineering management, business improvement and organisational change management and we’ve worked extensively for government, professional services and commercial sector clients.

Leadership Team


Simon Sands

Simon leads Consulcad’s business nationally. Together with our practice leads, he works with clients to understand their challenges and requirements and develops innovative business solutions. Simon has over fifteen years’ experience delivering important client initiatives in Australia, Asia and the UK, encompassing services including PMO, PPM Systems, procurement, business transformation and asset management.

Erin Clark
Innovation & Change Practice Lead

Erin leads Consulcad’s Innovation & Change practice. She strives to deliver sustained benefits through effective frameworks, organisational change and fit-for-purpose tools.  Erin has extensive experience across various industries and has worked throughout South East Asia and in Australia. Erin works with clients to find the right approach by drawing on best practices and different methodologies from a diverse range of lean start up, organisational change, agile and organisational project management initiatives she’s been involved in.

David Henderson
Principal Consultant & Practice Lead

David leads two Consulcad practices: Assurance and Advisory and Asset Management. Throughout his career, David has been involved in countless Gateway Reviews across a diverse range of industries and project types. His speciality is providing clients with pragmatic project assurance.

In the asset management space, David has worked with a wide range of clients helping to improve their asset management systems, processes and frameworks.

Mark Wilson
PMO Practice Lead

Mark leads Consulcad’s PMO practice. His extensive experience in project and program management in Australia and overseas enables him to focus on ‘right sized’ processes, practices and systems. He’s also an Assurance and Advisory expert and has led many successful project recoveries. Mark has also received certification as a Gateway Review team member.

Kim Grist
Principal Consultant - Change

Kim is Consulcad’s organisational change management specialist. He is an exceptional speaker, presenter and facilitator with an ability to engage, inspire and motivate groups into action.

Kim has worked with many of Australia’s leading organisations in the areas of business growth strategies, leadership development and organisational change. Kim is also engaged for coaching and mentoring of Senior Executives for performance improvement, communication, developing high performing teams and strategy and leadership. Kim has been a registered psychologist for 25+ years and he is considered one of the Australia’s leading business development and change management consultants and psychologists.