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Western Program Alliance takes a novel approach to innovation for major infrastructure transformation

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In 2017, the Victoria State Government launched the Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP) to remove 75 of the most dangerous road-rail crossings across the Victorian State. As the largest rail infrastructure project in the State’s history, the LXRP was divided into multiple delivery alliances that included the Western Program Alliance (WPA).
WPA needed to adopt a rigorous, consistent and centralised approach to innovation at the heart of the delivery of the Alliance’s goals to manage the complexity of the project.

They needed an Innovation Framework that connected its ideation processes with all of the Alliance’s operations. The connection to all of Alliance’s operations was the main concern with their previous innovation management software.

How we solved it  

Consulcad was selected as the WPA’s innovation management specialist and edison365ideas was chosen as the underlying technology to support innovation within the Alliance. The Innovation Framework provided:

  • An invaluable route-map for the delivery of great ideas, giving every member a shared understanding of what, where, when and how ideas get executed.
  • The edison365ideas software provided a central repository for all of the Alliances’s ideas.
  • Simplified the process of translating its ideas into action, improving collaboration across multiple teams, sites and partners to deliver impactful innovation across the project with total confidence.
The outcome  

Consulcad’s involvement resulted in the adoption of a successful innovation framework and tool to make ideas pay. The results so far are:

  • PowerBI reporting used to show innovation performance throughout the organisation.
  • End user training supplied Over 20x increase in rate of ideas captured.
  • Improved stakeholder communications.
  • 400+ employees on platform.

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