edison365 Portfolio Management
Idea Management, Business Case Transformation and Project Management

Introducing the edison365 suite

edison365 suite is built on Microsoft Office 365 to deliver the freedom to crowdsource ideas from employees, and the method to implement them. Combining innovative award winning ideation and Portfolio Management modules, edison365 turns your good ideas into great business solutions.

Use edison365ideas to crowdsource ideas, edison365businesscase for their rapid justification and edison365projects to turn your great ideas into visible and actionable plans.

Increase revenue

Stay competitive

Leverage your existing investment

Reduce cost

Engage employees

Crowdsource ideas anytime, anywhere

End-to-end idea management

edison365ideas is an open forum through which employees can contribute ideas. Structured, transparent, collaborative and easy to use, edison365ideas encourages ownership of an idea to engage your entire organization. It’s easy to use on any device or browser, with zero training.

Invite employees to contribute ideas for your business at any time, from anywhere, on any device and benefit from deep, real-time insight into the efficacy of your business strategy, the engagement of your employees, and opportunities for innovation.

Rapid justification for business

edison365businesscase delivers a transparent and regulated way for business cases to be produced and managed throughout an organization. Its instinctive interface provides users with portfolio reporting where the cost, benefit and resource requirements across one or more cases can easily be understood, and their impacts appreciated.

Personalized access supports an individual users’ view and approval rights, with target timescales set for each approval stage and clear visibility where delays occur. Full auditing of each case provides users with the ability to view the history of changes.

Accelerate approval

Fully configurable

Personalised access

Complete visibility

Built on Office 365

Enable effective collaboration

Gain insight to portfolio performance

Make more informed decisions

Get information at your fingertips

Take control of resources and expenditure

Enable more effective collaboration

Maximise resources

Insight and control to empower
your teams

Manage tasks and implement ideas through an easily deployed, intuitive interface built on your existing Office 365 investment. Turn your organization’s ideas into visible, actionable plans and deliver measurable results.

Key functions for your users include:

  • Portfolio Modelling
  • Management Reporting
  • Finance Management